Condiciones generales de venta

Fororder validation, customer will be required to provide his or her signature,irrevocable consent and proof of contract and acknowledgement of prices.

The customer is immediately responsible for the articles upon reception andassumes any risk of loss, damage or destruction that may occur after delivery.

No article can be returned or exchanged without consensual agreement betweenthe customer and Amalthee.

The customer expressly acknowledges that the Amalthee company has provided allnecessary information and indications related to his or her order.

Order is shipped (viathe french post office service) directly to the addressspecified by the customer. Amalthee will in no way be held responsible fordelays due to this service. 

Payment by creditcard: When customer chooses this method of payment, thetransaction is redirected towards our bank’s server website. Amalthee storesonly the customer’s order information and stated personal preferences. 

If an order is out ofstock, customer will be promptly alerted via e-mail that thetransaction cannot be completed. Payment is hereby cancelled. No withdrawalwill be made from customer’s credit card or account (even if the order hadpreviously been validated on the banking server).

Returnpolicy: you have up to 7 working days from the time you receive your item(s) toinitiate a return, return charges and responsibility remain on your side, in caseof return we donot refund shipping cost, extra cost can be added to cover realshipping cost.

The item must be returned in it’s perfect initial condition (we do not refundany damaged item) carefully wrapped in the silk paper we provided with thegoods. The item should be returned using insured shipping WITH TRACK-ABLENUMBER as it remains the customer’s responsibility to get sure we effectivelyreceive the parcel.

We donot refund the jewelry , they are made at the request taking into account themeasurements you provide us.

we will not accept anyreturns if you have been advised that item measurements do not fit yourpersonal measurements or if measurements are not mentioned.

Occasionalirregularities or variations in the weave or the colour of our silk materialsare a result of traditional handicraft and are a completely normal and naturaloccurence and thus cannot be deemed defective.

(Please note: In order to preserve the characteristics as well as possible, weinvite you to follow the laundering instructions available on our website.